Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Our Carriage Lamp got Refurbished

Last November 6th I posted a blog about the antique carriage lamp that arived in a house clearance that we had done. Bellow you can see the before pictures:

It disappeared out of the shop so I presumed that it got sold. But what really happened is that Claire Cullinane took it away on lone, got a genius of a young man to give it a makeover and it ended up being used to Shine an ancient light for the Titanic Century Closing Ceremony in Cobh. If you follow this LINK you will see pictures of that event. Thanks Claire and Thanks Mike Bardsley for telling me about the picture. 

Deccie loves the lamp so much that he won't part with it so no point asking the price. I have to say I can understand why, the young man did a fantastic job at doing it up. 

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