Thursday, 14 February 2013

Just In!!!! Carl Lewis Spin Bike!!!!

Carl Lewis SPN1X Spin Bike


  • The spinning bike first rode its way into gymnasiums in the 1987. It was introduced as indoor cycling by Jonathan Goldberg, who trademarked his equipment as a spinning bike. The concept of a spinning class was created to serve as a winter training session for regular cyclists. He and partner John Baudhuin created the Spinner brand for the bike. They formed their own company, Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. in 1992. It became the parent company for Spinner, as well as a training ground for spinning instructors. Other companies such as Star Trac and Keiser soon created their own spinning-type bicycles and classes. Continue Reading....


    • The basic spinning bike is housed in a heavily constructed frame. The frame, although very sturdy, is also designed to be mobile so that bikes can be stored side by side or spread throughout a gym floor. There is a large wheel in the front that houses a flywheel that is adjustable to create or release tension. An adjustable knob on the frame controls that action. The flywheel is connected to the pedals, which have straps to keep the cyclist's feet in place. The spinning bike bar is usually "W" shaped so that cyclists can re-position their arms during the class. Continue Reading....

      Spin Class

      • A spin class is designed to push the heart rate to high levels by constantly varying speeds and positions on the bike. Spin classes can involve rapid cycling sessions wherein participants will pedal extremely fast for minutes at a time. At other points in the class, bikers may adjust the tension knob to force their legs to cycle as if climbing up a steep mountain hill. Some spin classes also incorporate arm exercises while spinning, standing cycling positions and "hovering" positions where the cyclist crouches lightly over the seat while pedaling fast. Continue Reading....


    • According to the Science of Cycling website, there are definite advantages of using a spinning bike. It is a low-impact workout, so the joints do not take a lot of damage while cycling. The spinning bike's sturdy construction supports the body very well to ensure this. There are several muscle groups that are worked at the same time, so a spinning bike can provide a total body workout in one session. In fact, a spinning bike can help you burn up to 500 calories an hour if you exercise at a high level. Continue Reading....


    This Carl Lewis SPN1X Spin Bike is now available @ Deccie's Done Deal, so why not make the commitment to get fit and work out in your own home today. Why pay a fortune on class fees when you can do it yourself at home when ever you've got the free time?

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