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Deccie's Done Deal Second Hand Furniture and House Clearances

Dear Customer

If you don't know me please let me introduce myself, my name is Deccie Lucey and I'm a bit of a legend around East Co, Cork Ireland. Due to my big grey beard, most children think I'm Santa Claus but I'm really just his younger brother. I'm posting this blog just to let you know that we didn't close shop, we just moved location to a much bigger premises At O'Shea's Salvage Yard, Belvelly Farm, Belvelly Cobh. Some people are still not clued in that we are still open so we are using every means possible to get the word out that we are still in business. Click this link to view a Google Map

Shop Philosophy & History:
Happiness is an inside job but the outside world can sometimes limit your options. We opened our first shop in 2009 right after the beginning of the banking crisis with the view that people will need to reduce there spending on essential household furnishings and there was a gap in the market for a real second hand furniture shop. While lots of second hand shops where closing down because they refused to lower the price to meet the economic climate we opened up because we decided to operate on a different business model to them.  Our philosophy is very simple, we sell at low prices, make people happy, keep the stock moving, which keeps the shop interesting and people go away happy and keep coming back. They tell all their friends what a great deal they got at Deccie’s, which keeps the shop full with new customers who have a need, but have limited options and access to cash due to the credit crunch. The first shop was very small but it was in a great location and helped us get established within the Midleton area. After 3 years in business it was time to move on as the roof of the shop was damaged by high winds and half our stock was now sitting in two inches of water every time it rained. Disaster!!! Not in our way of thinking, just time for a change, in every disaster there is an opportunity to grow and grow we did. Instead of looking for another small shop in a good location we decided to move to the biggest location we could find within walking distance of the town. With the intention of providing even better service to even more people, with the same business model. To put it simply, if your iceberg is melting move to a different iceberg!!!! after another 4 year in this location a fire in the building next door forced us to move once more. We are now located in Cobh which is a much more central location for all the surrounding towns. We went from having a 2000 square foot shop to having a 5400 square foot shop which again proves that with the correct attitude a disaster can be turned into a positive.

House Clearances
We buy and sell almost anything so if you have a shed full of unwanted items, an attic full of goodies, a new house full of the old owners furniture, you may be emigrating and need to get ride of excess furniture before you leave or maybe your just upgrading your home furnishings.

Then why not give us a call and turn your unwanted items into cash, we don't pay a fortune but we do pay for good items.

Obviously we don't pay for rubbish but we do deal with your rubbish if needs be, you can ether barter with us against the good stuff or we will charge a fee to deal with the dumping costs and man hours. It will also save you money on the cost of a skip or the trips to the dump, so if it's not worth dumping but you don't want it, why not support a local business rather than dumping good stuff that other people want and need.

The process is normally as follows:

    From your call to Deccie on 0872477491 or email us at and we will discuss the requirements of your house clearance job with you.
    We will ask to see the property before we quote you. 
    We will evaluate the job and either give you a quote to remove the items or pay you for the possessions depending on our evaluation of the contents.
    We will make an allowance for the household items and use that value to offset the labour and rubbish removal costs of the house clearance if that is your wish or we can buy the good stuff and clear the crap as two separate jobs.
    When we have come to an agreement then we will arrange a day to complete the job for you.
    Some house clearances can take more than a day if there is a large amount of household furniture and effects.
    All the saleable items will be sold through our used furniture store and everything else will be ether up-cycled, recycled or dumped depending on what can be done with it. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Deccie's Done Deal on Facebook
Deccie's Done Deal is East Cork's premier secondhand destination, with almost anything bought and sold through our outlet, you will never know what you might find in our store until you walk in the door. But not everyone can call every day to find what they need as the stock moves fast at our prices and they might miss out. So we set up our facebook page: so that our customers who would like to keep an eye out for something they are looking for at a good price can now do so by joining our group, we upload the new stock a few times per week. You can also let us know what your looking for and you'd never know we may be able to source it from our contacts. You can contact Deccie on 0872477491 or message Deccie Lucey on Facebook with any questions, price inquiries or comments. Thank you all for your eyeballs and please feel free to bend our ears. ;~)

Best Regards to you and your family
Deccie Lucey
House-Clearance Cork

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