Thursday, 8 November 2012

SCALEXTRIC: Vintage Toys that last the test of time

History of Scalextric (Link)

Scalextric came from the Scalex brand of Minimodels Ltd, which was a clockwork powered race car system that first appeared in 1952. Their inventor, B. "Freddie" Francis, showed Scalextric ("Scalex" plus "electric") cars at the annual Harrogate Toy Fair in 1957 in the UK. In 1958, unable to meet demand for their popular range, the parent company was sold to Lines Bros Ltd, who operated as "Tri-ang". Their subsidiary Rovex, which specialised in plastic, then developed Scalextric, converting the metal cars to the easier and cheaper to mould plastic. The track, which was originally a rubber compound, became moulded plastic at a later date. Production continued at Mini-models in Havant until 1967, when it moved to Rovex's own site.[1]
When Lines Bros collapsed, their subsidiary Rovex-Triang, which handled Scalextric and the Triang railway brand, was sold off, eventually becoming Hornby Railways. Although Scalextric remained based in the UK, most of the products are made in China.[1]
Results were hit in 2007 by the closure of the Scalextric Race World retail store in Tacoma; Scalextric-USA created a store front in Auburn, Washington showcasing Scalextric slot cars, tracks and accessories.[2]

James May's Toy Stories - Scalextric

I had no idea!!!

I had no idea that Scalextric is such a big deal until a box of what I consider worthless plastic turned up in a recent house clearance and one of our customers informed me that it is actually worth a bit of money to an enthusiast. I found the above BBC show by Top Gear show host James May very entertaining and well worth watching if you have an interest in Scalextric that is. Bellow you can see two pictures, the first is how it arrived and the second is after I sorted it out. I'm hoping to set it up on a table in the next few days to see if it actually works. If you are interested in Scalextric and would like to call in and have a go once it's set up feel free to drop by any day. I hope it doesn't sell fast so we can have lots of fun over the next few weeks play instead of working. 

How it arrived

After I got my hands on it 

This simple track covers the table an the box is still full

Scalextric @ Deccie's Done Deal

Wouldn't it be fun if we had 200ft of it like this guy.

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