Monday, 11 March 2013

Announcement Regarding Our Facebook Group Vs Our Business Page

If you haven't read the blog post I did about why & how Deccie's Done Deal uses Social Media to market our business then I would suggest you read that first before continuing reading this article.

In the last week I have spent a lot of time uploading content to our facebook business page. This is because I have started making the switch to using our business page to upload all our new stock rather than posting it on the group wall

You can now view all our current stock along with the prices @ This LINK

You can now view all our current stock of couches, arm chairs, 2 & 3 piece suites including prices @ This LINK

You can now view all our Beds & Bedroom Furnishings including prices @ This LINK

Last but not least the first "NEW STOCK UPLOAD TO OUR BUSINESS PAGE HAPPENED SUNDAY EVENING" if you want to keep following our new stock as it arrives you will have to LIKE our Business Page. There will be more new stock uploaded on Tuesday evening :)

Many people may be wondering why I have taken this decision, so I thought it might be helpful to post the bellow 14 benefits of a facebook business page over a personal profile/group just so people can understand my decision. 

14 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page Over a Personal Profile

Facebook has made it clear that it will be taking more aggressive steps to remove misclassified personal profiles used for business purposes. As a result, millions of business owners who are incorrectly using personal Facebook profiles to market their businesses are confronted with two choices: 1) Convert your personal profile to a business Page, or 2) risk getting deleted.
It’s not particularly surprising to me that there are holdouts who aren’t going down without a fight. They insist that using a personal profile is better for their business than a Facebook Page. This post is for you.
You’re only hurting yourself and your business. There’s a long list of reasons why a Facebook Page is better for you than a personal profile. If, after reading this, you still don’t get it… well… Maybe getting deleted isn’t such a bad thing.
Here is just a sampling of the many benefits associated with a Facebook business Page over a personal profile.

1) Facebook Insights: Access to Mounds of Data

Let me get this straight… As a business on a personal Facebook profile, you have no access to Facebook Insights. You are unable to export and digest the thousands of rows and columns of information that can help you understand your customer, what they like and don’t like, where they are from and when they are online.
So, what… you go by gut instinct? How exactly do you measure success and failure? If you’re a serious business, you need hard data to drive your strategy. And if you don’t have hard data, you aren’t a serious business.

2) Facebook Tabs and Contests

I’m guessing that you look at the tabbed area underneath the Cover Photo of a legitimately-run Facebook Page and think to yourself, Man, what a waste of real estate!

With Facebook tabs, you can use apps to explain more about who you are. Provide a video introduction. Feature your products. Provide a newsletter opt-in form. Highlight the history of your company.
Without this on a personal profile, how exactly do you do this? You’re limited only to your posts to tell your story and sell your products.
Oh, and how exactly do you plan to run contests from a personal profile? You can’t. Not, of course, without violating Facebook terms. But I guess at this point, you don’t care a whole lot about Facebook’s terms.

3) Facebook Offers

A great way to get some viral buzz going about your business is to run Facebook Offers. It’s an official way to promote a deal you have to your Facebook audience. And when your fans and non-fans claim these offers, their friends see it.

Using a Facebook profile? Whoops, you can’t use Facebook Offers. So good luck on your strategy of pasting a link, driving them to your website to promote your deal.

4) Profiles Limited to 5,000 “Friends”

If you continue to run your business through a personal profile, it tells me that you don’t have very high aspirations for your efforts on Facebook. Since you are limited to 5,000 “friends,” you are seriously limited by your reach.

I don’t care if you’re a small business with only one location. Everyone has plans to grow, and every business should have the potential growth to want to reach more than 5,000 people on Facebook. If you do, you’ll need to scale.

5) Profiles Look Unprofessional

I know, I know. You think everyone who “friends” your business appreciates that you are running it through a personal profile. But the truth is that many of us look at it and shake our heads.

It looks sloppy. It’s bad planning. It screams, I don’t know what I’m doing! And these are not the messages that you want to be sending to customers and potential customers.

6) Access to Advertising

Oh, I know what you’re thinking… I refuse to give Facebook a dollar of my hard-earned money! This is probably why you’re using a personal profile in the first place. You think that you’re reaching more people with a profile than you would with your Page. And you believe that your reach as a Page is diminished intentionally to “force” you to buy advertising.

You know, that EdgeRank Bogeyman. The truth is that EdgeRank impacts personal profiles as well as business Pages. By default, your “friends” are set to view “most” of your updates (not “all”).
Do you think your posts are reaching more than 16% of your “friends” with your personal profile? Prove it. Oh, wait. You don’t have Facebook Insights.
If you use a Facebook Page, you can reach more of your Fans and you can reach friends of those Fans with Promoted Posts. You can create ads that target people with relevant interests and attract new fans and new customers.
You can do all of this on a very minimal budget. If you’re serious about growing your business, reaching new people and selling your products, you should be open to Facebook advertising.

7) Privacy Considerations

Most people set their default privacy to reveal a lot of personal information only to their Friends. So when they become friends with businesses, they are revealing this information to them.

Maybe you aren’t concerned about the privacy of your customers. Maybe you are ticked by the fact that you have no access to this private information as a business Page.
But my guess is that if you were to poll your customers, they don’t want you to have access to this stuff. By using a profile instead of a Page, you’re inviting privacy complaints.
Continue Reading the NEXT 7 BENEFITS....

Now I can track what I'm doing and know that what I'm doing is having the desired effect of increasing our turnover. Which means we will be able to offer better deals in the future. Win Win all-round!!!! 

Change can be a good thing :)

Best Regards

Kevin @ Deccie's Done Deal

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