Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Doors Doors & More Doors @ Deccie's Done Deal

It seem like it's all about doors this week @ Deccie's Done Deal. Last week we saw the arrival of lots of PVC windows & Doors, plus a whole lot of radiators but this week has started off with the arrival of lot more DOORS on top of what we already had in stock. So if your in the market for doors for what ever reason, we now have a wide selection to choose from.

L0677 Pine Door 32'X80'

L0678 Pine Door with PUSH Plate 32'X80'

L0679 Pine Door Mirrored 32'X80

L0680 Pine Door 4 Mirrors 32'X80'

L0682 Pine Skinny Door (not in plastic) 23'X78'

L0681 Pine Door Large Mirrors 30'X78'

L0683 Pine Skinny Door (In plastic) 23.1/2'X78.1/2'

L0685 Pine Door (In Plastic) 32'X80.1/4'

L0684 Large Pine Door (In Plastic) 34'X80'

L0686 Pine Door  30'X78'

L0687 Solid Oak Door 34'X80'

L0689 X7 White Panel Doors €10 each 30'X78' The locks alone are worth that.

L0689 X7 White Panel Doors €10 each 30'X78' The thing with these doors is that they have lip that has to overlap the frame which makes it harder to find a buyer thats why they are cheep. 

L0702 Pine Door 32'X80'

L0705 Pine Door 28'X78'

L0703 Pine Door 32'X80'

L0362 Solid Fire Doors 

L0704 Pine Door 32'X80'

L0701 Pine Door 27.3/4X77.3/4

L0433 Large Brown Aluminium Door (249cm H/97cm W) 

L0566 Aluminium Door + The Frame

L0621 Teak Internal Doors X2

L0623 INT 1/2 Glass Panel Door

L0624 Pine Door 28'X78' inches

L0622 EXT Door 

L0625 Pine Door 

L0626 White Glass Panel Double Doors 

L0641 Pine INT Half Glass Door (32'X80') 

L0645 Aluminium Door 88cm W X 214cm H

L0646 Aluminium Door 88cm W X 214cm H

L047 Black Back Door

L0108 Pine Yellow Glass Panelled Door 

L0109 Teak Yellow Glass Panelled Door 

L0161 Retro Front Door

No on top of all the above there is probably another 10 doors that I've not managed to take pictures of as of yet.

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